This is the screen used to identify the dominant trend in the asset and to decide in which direction we will make the trade. The weekly chart will confirm the direction of the trend, the second will show you the currency pair’s current situation, and the third will give you the entry point for your new trade. The third screen works as an identification for the exact price for entry points. In the original system, it works with lows and highs that work as support and resistance. New versions typically add other indicators but using the naked eye to spot price action here is a completely acceptable method.

triple screen trading system

He proposed the idea that a single indicator would be unable to cope with the financial markets’ complexity. This famous original system of Dr Elder puts every decision to enter a trade through several screens or tests. It analyzes each trade in at least two timeframes, using several indicators. This presentation reviews Triple Screen, focusing on the more recent modifications and tweaks. To identify this, first pull up the longest range screen – in this example we’ll use the weekly chart. If you are a buy and hold, or sell and wait trader, then a longer range setup is perhaps going to be the best choice.

The Elder Triple Screen Trading System (A Signal Confirmation Plan)

In that case, you can trail your stop and set a new one by dropping it to one point above the maximum of the day that has just passed. According to Elder’s rules, you may keep trailing it until activated or until you decide to avoid the trade if you see the weekly trend has changed its direction. Let us use a triple screen in Forex trading with the EUR/USD currency pair as an example.

triple screen trading system

So, the daily chart is used to determine the long-term trend. And, for this purpose, the 200-day moving average, which is the standard measurement of bullish and bearish trends, will be our trend filter. With the monthly, weekly and charts in harmony I would begin working my way through the rest of my analytic and risk management tests and screens. pitbull trading book Remember though, for a daily perspective trade the most important level of conformation is at the weekly level. These indicators would thus provide a trader with precise entry and exit positions, free of misleading signals. Trend indicators work best when the market is trending, but they provide false signals when the market is ranging.

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In that framework, the Elder Triple Screen Trading System is one of the most interesting technical strategies to complete winning positions. Moving average convergence/divergence is a momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. What if conditions in the market change so that your single screen can no longer account for all of the eventualities operating outside of its measurement? The point is, because the market is very complex, even the most advanced indicators can’t work all of the time and under every market condition. There is no scanner, and unlikely to work if I tried because it does forward lookups to make the visual . What I do, is create other scans like RSI oversold in my price range , and then click on 1 of those and use the up/down arrow to scroll thru my list looking for viable trades.

Instead of using a single trading indicator, the Triple Screen trading method applies several trading indicators. The goal is to filter out too many false signals as possible by using as many indicators as feasible. The procedure on the sell side is identical to the above except in reverse. A trailing stop loss is set on the sell order to exit the position with a buy back either in loss or in profit.

triple screen trading system

However, after reading Elder’s book, the triple screen system seems theoretically brilliant with getting on the side of the bigger tide while jumping on the small waves. However, there has been one thing that has puzzled me that I hope you can help with. On the other hand, momentum oscillators, such as the Stochastics, show an overbought state, indicating a sell signal. The use of a single indicator, according to Dr. Elder, is incorrect.

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We wait for the price to rise above the indicated level along with the 50-period Moving Average. We may open a long position right after the first candlestick closes above the resistance line, locating the stop loss at the bottom of the previous candlestick down. Alexander Elder is a well-known trader, famous for releasing several guidebooks on trading strategies. It combines various indicators and filters out their disadvantages while preserving their strengths. In a nutshell, it provides a three-tier approach to make a trade decision.

Beginner traders often look for a magic tool – a single indicator that would help them make big profits. They may get lucky for a while, but eventually, the magic disappears. When losses kick in, they tend to think that the reason for that is the unlucky indicator. Check if the bolllinger bands price is trading above the 200-day moving average to confirm the uptrend. On the same note, oscillators work when the market is range-bound, and tend to give false signals when the market is trading. Traders like to have different visions of what is happening in the market.

None of them is designed to make a flawless interpretation or prediction of the market. Moreover, none of them is designed to correlate with the other indicators. Rather, they are supposed to be used in combination, including the situations fxtm spreads when they contradict each other. We wait for the MACD lines to rise from the oversold condition and the moving average slops have turned upwards again. The middle time frame is going to be used to spot corrections against the bullish trend.

When to Sell

When the weekly trend is up and the daily trend is down place the buy order one tick above the previous day high. If the price continues to decline you buy order will not be activated. Similarly with the sell order.Weekly TrendDaily TrendActionOrderUPUPStand asideNoneUPDownGo LongPlace Buy order one tick above the previous day high. The second screen identifies the wave which goes against the tide.

  • This procedure guarantees the safety of your funds and identity.
  • Below the image of the scan, I will explain the columns and give the formula for each for you techies out there.
  • The prior 2 and future 2 weekly boxes need to be above, same, or below the current week to make a pivot.
  • Once the trader has decided on the time frame to use under the triple screen system, they then label this as the intermediate time frame.
  • Elder compared the mid-term trend with a wave rolling against the main stream.

The last part of the Alexander Elder trading strategy is where all the fun begins. Now, let’s get into more details and learn how Dr. Alexander Elder has taught the three-screen method n the New Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder book. The entire audiobook is available here and takes about three hours to finish. Below, we will break down the most important things to know about Dr. Alexander Elder’s important work.

Once we have identified the trend’s direction, we then switch to watching the second screen. This chart will help us identify the short-term situation and know when the dominant trend is ready to resume its run after a pause. The next step is to try to identify MACD movements away from the zero area. If the MACD is moving upward after crossing the zero area, it will be an uptrend.

Volume Breakout Indicator

Both of these are considered modern classics amongst traders. The table below highlights a possible set of time frames that you can use. Using a factor of 4 will require us to downgrade our charts to the 8-hours time frame. In the third screen, you should ideally look for breakouts in the direction of the dominant trend. Elder uses a technique of trailing stops to determine specific entry points. You can become wealthy if it is done correctly, but you can also experience significant losses.

The third screen

To determine a balance of indicator opinion, some traders have tried to average the buy and sell signals issued by various indicators. Elder’s Triple Screen strategy consists of searching for and picking trades by three criteria – three screens of the strategy. Each screen is the price chart of one and the same instrument on a certain timeframe, with additional indicator signals. The screens are analyzed from the longer timeframe to the shorter. UseThinkScript is the #1 community of stock market investors using indicators and other tools to power their trading strategies.

Each will be reflected in one of the three screens, as the table below shows. The webinar starts with guiding about what investors need to understand behind the logic of indicators. For instance, a moving average indicator is the average consensus of value. Investment value lies in the area between the fast- and slow- moving averages.